French Country Interior Decorating

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French Country Decor, French Country Interior Decorating French Country Decor

This particular style is ideal for both country houses and elegant old homes, and offers a warm and casual feel.

The colors used in decorating French Country are yellow, soft gold, bright red, rust, dark green, lighter shades of green, cobalt blue, and lighter shades of blue. Black and gray are also used to accentuate these colors and define accessory pieces. An essential piece used in decorating French Country is that of natural materials.

Adding a stone fireplace, with tile, stone, or ceramic for the border, along with iron accessory pieces hanging on the side walls, further helps with decorating French Country. Rustic furniture pieces that can be utilized are those that are either new or reproduced, which have curved panels, hand carved details, and consist of raw wood. Dining chairs are a ladderback style, have vertical slats, or have seating woven from rush, along with curved and carved details.

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