The 12 Most Cliché Dorm Room Furnishings

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Cool College Dorm Rooms, The 12 Most Cliché Dorm Room Furnishings Cool College Dorm Rooms

From the mundane to the ridiculous, the dorm rooms of college students are incredibly predictable.

Coming up with a creative use for otherwise uncreative, inanimate objects is a favorite pastime among college students. Regardless of the amount of radiation a stack like this emits, students prefer to consolidate their major appliances, to give off the appearance that they operate as one amazing autonomous unit. But until then, people will continue dangerously retrofitting appliances and overwhelming power outlets in the above fashion.

MSG + Vitamin C + Cold Medicine = a very special goodness that can get a college student through just about anything. College students are known for their ingenuity, and ability to forage for sustenance – wherever they can find it. Typically, this equates to a combination of an instant soup cup and a highly concentrated dosage of Vitamin C.

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