Top 25 College Student Dorm Room Supplies

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Cool College Dorm Rooms, Top 25 College Student Dorm Room Supplies Cool College Dorm Rooms

Beanbag chairs are portable furniture, so you can take them to commonstudent areas when all the couches are hogged up.

Or each student canhang out on their own bean bag in the hallway until the wee hours of thenight, studying of course (with some pizza-eating and card-playingthrown in). Bean bags are also great as a back rest on your bed to readall those interesting textbooks without getting a backache. Bean bag chairs from AHH Products are popular withcollege freshmen since they have washable covers and water-repellent liners - like the BlueDenim bean bags (this casual style matches everything).

Or the Zebra bean bag and the CowFaux Fur bean bag chair (the texture is soft and cuddly and theanimal theme gives a hip accent to the dorm room decor). Bring your favorite laundry detergent and put dryer sheets indrawers to keep clothes smelling nice. To make your dorm room less institutional and more like home,students can't do without these items.

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