10 Necessities For Your College Dorm Room

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Cool College Dorm Rooms, 10 Necessities For Your College Dorm Room Cool College Dorm Rooms

To ensure that you don’t bring a lot of clothes while at the same time not forgetting anything, look into what semester you are entering school at (most likely the fall season).

You do not want to be carrying a conversation with someone and have hot breath or BO. There are also some colleges that do “free laundry” (meaning you are paying for it with your tuition). First Aid Kit - You just never know what can happen to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a paper cut or something as big as a bruise, that first aid kit will come in handy when you least expect it whether it is you you or your fellow roomates.

Just like we can never predict the future, it is always good to be cautious and get ready for anything that may hit you. Passports, State ID, Medical Insurance Cards are some of the documents you should take with you to your dorm in case of anything that can range from an accident to a random road trip. With these essentials, you cannot go wrong and say you forgot to pack what was most important.

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