Eating Healthy in a Dorm Room 

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How do you eat healthy in a dorm room and prevent what many college bound students know as “The Freshman 15?”    This is when college kids rapidly gain 15 lbs because of a lack of concern for the food they eat in those early days of finally being “free” from home!!I hope this helps other college students have some healthy eating ideas.

Any ideas for healthy dorm life eating?After 3 months on the basic nutrition program and protein shakes it helped me tremendously. I would heat water in my room than add a pack. You can also add a scoop of vanilla protein to a bowl of oatmeal and it makes a great meal.

Buy Annie’s pasta on occasion for a quick meal in the room. So be choosy about how much processed you eat over your college days. I highly recommend the protein shake because it is at least one good meal for the day and it’s easy!I would suggest cutting the bars apart after it’s pressed into the pan, and getting aluminum foil or plastic wrap and wrapping each bar individually.

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