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Dining Room Lighting, Dining Room Lighting Tips by LightWorks Dining Room Lighting

Diningroom lighting should be both beautiful and functional.

This requires a mix of general, task, and accent lightingthat can set the mood for a number of functions, includinga formal dinner, a family get-together, and otheractivities such as homework, hobbies, or family bookkeeping. Dimming controls will enable you to vary the lightfor each occasion. Achandelier isthe focal point of the dining room.

The chandeliershould be 6" narrower than the table on eachside and should be hung 30" above the tabletopassuming an 8' ceiling height. Recessedor track lighting providesgeneral lighting, while enabling you to highlightprized possessions throughout the room. Displayed objects can be accentedwith recessed downlights installed in the ceilingabove (mounted 24" to 36" apart and9" to 12" from the wall).

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