Dining Room Lighting

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Dining Room Lighting, Dining Room Lighting Dining Room Lighting

Things to keep in mind: Is the lighting fixture going to be a focal point in the space?What kind of lighting setting do are you trying to achieve?Do you want your dining room experience to be intimate or loud?Additional lighting might be needed to accommodate all your needs such as task and accent lighting.

Some things to remember when choosing a proper size for your dining room table: a chandelier is a great focal point in this space, you don't want to hang an over bearing fixture over your table or have it bigger than the table’s width general rule is to have a chandelier fixture with a diameter of 24" to 30" and/or a size that is proportional to the space as to help avoid any injuries while getting up from the table. lighting tip: a fixture above a dining room table should be no wider than the width of the table minus 12 inches (ALA). Keep in mind both fixtures produce similar light sources, but a typical chandelier fixture creates more of a direct illumination to the surface at which it is installed over.

Consider This:The interior ceiling when installing a chandelier fixture If the ceiling is not a flat surface or at the standard height of 9 ft additional components might be needed to hang and install the fixture at an appropriate height. When purchasing a chandelier fixture make sure there are adjustable rods or any other components available. Make sure you know the height of your ceiling in the space.

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