Flat Screen Tv Stands And Cabinets Guide

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Tv Furniture For Flat Screens, Flat Screen Tv Stands And Cabinets Guide Tv Furniture For Flat Screens

Flat screen TV stands and cabinets are an important consideration for your home theater installation.

The TV furniture that you choose is crucial to your home cinema system and your living room interior design. The purpose of this guide is to identify the different types of TV stands and TV cabinets which are available on the market and to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of the different types of TV furniture. We will also highlight factors which should be checked before purchasing any kind of TV or AV furniture.

Types of TV furniture In the early days of flat panel televisions, the vast majority of TV units were glass TV stands. These tended to be rectangular in design, although as many TV's are positioned in the corner of the room, it wasn't long before corner TV stands were developed. Not all consumers liked glass TV stands and there are now a range of wooden TV stands on the market - and these are available in the form of open TV stands and enclosed TV cabinets.

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