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A Tiny Condo Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen A Tiny Condo Kitchen Remodel

Stainless steel is anything but dull, and the spaces below are proof that covering your kitchen in it might just actually be a great idea! This kitchen has no shortage of the color grey, but the knobs on the stove pop right out and bring a little life to the stainless steel.

Upper cabinets with glass doors open up the space and makes it feel even lighter. Warm, inviting and calming, the sporadic splattering of yellow in the form of interesting kitchen seating options and the fresh flowers gives this kitchen a unique and effervescent look. Despite using largely subdued shades, the kitchen stands out thanks to these daft little touches and with ample natural ventilation thanks to extensive use of glass, ‘fresh mornings’ is what this kitchen advertises with glee! Whether you want a painted kitchen island or long for an island that is polished and far more contemporary in its finish, a colorful masterpiece at the heart of your kitchen makes a big difference to the overall ambiance.

Colorful islands give the kitchen personality, uniqueness and elevate the style of your open plan living. It also sets the kitchen apart from the dining room and living area next to it and also you to experiment with different colors for kitchen cabinets. It is time to move away from dull grays and all too common white as you embrace a splash of vivaciousness in the kitchen! A n y   c o n t e n t ,  t r a d e m a r k / s ,  o r   o t h e r   m a t e r i a l   t h a t   m i g h t   b e   f o un d   o n   t h i s   s i t e   t h a t   i s   n o t   t h i s   s i t e   p r o p e r t y   r e mains the copyright of its respective owner/s.

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