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“Waiting Rooms:  How to Design to Impress”  is in the latest HEALTHCARE DESIGN magazine issue and focuses on the ultimate demise of the prototypical waiting room featuring long rows of seats.

  This more nuanced approach to thinking about adding value to the patient experience is long-overdue.   The sizing for such waiting spaces is a function of the facility type, with smaller outpatient facilities featuring larger, more hospitality-like designs and larger in-patient facilities downsizing wait spaces and moving the hospitality features into the private patient room itself.   Not surprisingly, a 2011 study discussed in the article, notes that TV-watching was the least-desired feature indicated by waiting patients and their families and friends.

  And privacy is discussed as one of the features that will be important in most waiting areas of the future. This new article by Anne DiNardo of Healthcare Design magazine offers some very good design suggestions for waiting areas.   What is missing from her piece, however, is the hard evidence behind each of her suggestions.

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