How To Achieve A French Country Style

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French Country Decorating Fabrics, How To Achieve A French Country Style French Country Decorating Fabrics

When you think of a French countryside, whether you’ve ever been or not, you likely envision something like a weathered barn amidst lavender fields and cheerful sunshine.

French country style is an enviable blend of elegance and humble simplicity. It’s given credibility by its old-world aesthetic, strengthened by the stability and presence of rustic finishes, and timelessly appealing with refined curves and details. Because of its inherent contrasts and its warmth and casual elegance, French country style works as well in ancient chateaux as in country cottages and elegant manors built today.

Not many people can resist a style that is so rich with ornate details but that is as un-intimidating as a woodside cottage. Read on to discover some ideas for incorporating the style into your own space. Some of the inherent charm in French country décor comes from the mix of prints and patterns in textiles.

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