19 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Ideas Outdoor Xmas Decorations, 19 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas Ideas Outdoor Xmas Decorations

To create visual interest outside of your home, consider breaking the front yard up into different zones — each with its own holiday-centric feature.

Designer Britany Simon and designer Brian Patrick Flynn broke this front yard up into three zones: left, center of yard and entrance. The left side of the house features a 10-foot tall Christmas tree structure made from reclaimed barn siding, the center of the yard is outfitted with an arbor created with vintage ladders and the entrance is decorated with various repurposed items including wine bottle candelabras and rope garland. Over-sized holiday lollipops are both easy and fun to create.

Pick up a small rubber bouncy ball from the toy store, colored burlap, twine and PVC pipe. Attach the rubber bouncy ball to the top of the PVC pipe with duct tape, wrap the ball with colored burlap and tie it tightly around the bottom of the ball with twine. Next, stake the PVC into the ground either free-handed or dig a small hole with a trowel.

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