The Art Of Landscaping A Small Yard

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Tiny Yard Landscaping Ideas, The Art Of Landscaping A Small Yard Tiny Yard Landscaping Ideas

It seems I’ve been to a lot of homes with small backyards lately.

Some are really small. What strikes me with many a small space is that the people who inhabit them often assume they are too tiny to landscape. So they’re left in their simple state–a mere patch of dying grass or a slab of concrete with a couple of lawn chairs added to the mix for good measure.

But did you know that a small yard can be just as special as a larger outdoor space? It’s true! In fact, when you visit a home with a thoughtfully designed backyard, it’s amazing how each detail stands out. The smaller the space, the more these details can shine, as they are often in close proximity to one another and therefore have the power to make a big statement. Today we feature an assortment of small yards that showcase the results of strategic landscaping decisions.

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