How To Remodel A Small Kitchen

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Remodeling Small.Kitchens, How To Remodel A Small Kitchen Remodeling Small.Kitchens

To plan for efficient workflow, your goal is to create a triangle between the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

If you have a long, narrow galley kitchen, you can arrange the appliances in a U shape to create what many experts consider a perfect layout for a one-cook kitchen. Though this may stretch the limits of the triangle, where none of the three appliances are more than nine feet away from another, you can move your refrigerator to a hallway or alcove near the kitchen. This will give you more space and less intrusion by family members who want to grab a drink while you are cooking.

Especially in a condo, where you might not be able to add square footage, knocking down a wall will open up the kitchen and allow others to talk to you without disrupting your workflow. Or you can cut away part of a wall to create a pass through or open counter between the kitchen and living area. This potentially provides additional seating, visibility into the kitchen, and the allusion of a larger space.

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