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Remodeling Small.Kitchens, Small Kitchen Remodel, Elmwood Park Il Remodeling Small.Kitchens

Small Kitchen Remodel, Elmwood Park IL - Better Kitchens Home Projects Galleries Wood-Mode Collages Wood-Mode Doors Brookhaven Doors Brookhaven Why Choose Brookhaven Brookhaven Style I Brookhaven Style II Wood-Mode Why Choose Wood-Mode Wood-Mode Quality Wood-Mode Style 42 Wood-Mode Style 84 Remodeling 101 Kitchen Inspiration Kitchen Ideas To Solve Your Problems Kitchen Layouts Kitchen Remodeling Kitchen Remodeling Cost Kitchen Remodeling Planning Guide Why Kitchen Design Matters Why Use a CKD? Why Choose Better Kitchens? Our Kitchen Remodeling Process Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Planning Guide Cabinetry Care Cabinetry Cleaning Wood-Mode Cabinet Hinge Adjustment & Repair About Us Our History Our Team Contact Us Blog Small Kitchen Remodel, Elmwood Park IL Home Better Kitchens Small Kitchen Remodel, Elmwood Park IL Click to see before and after photos: OVERVIEW An Elmwood Park couple, living in a lovely Georgian home, looked to transform their small kitchen into a place where the two of them could share cooking time together.

CHALLENGE With a footprint of less than 200 square feet, creating a functional space with adequate storage was a challenge. SOLUTION Designing storage in space that would otherwise be wasted, and choosing smart-sized appliances, Better Kitchens was able to design and build a kitchen perfect for the couple. Better Kitchens, Inc.

7640 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL 60714 847-967-7070.

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