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Office Building Design, Office Building Concept Design Office Building Design

The idea behind the concept was to propose a simple modern form in relation to the surrounding architecture.

The basic color and shape, referring to a neighboring building, and a characteristic and individual element of the assumptions, orienting it in space, has become a cut block, thus creating a sharp edge of the building, knocking out the background of neighboring buildings. The proposed office building for its intended useshould have a clearly laid-out under strictly functional specification of the type of object, and yet so as to establish a modern facility, friendly staff, in accordance with modern trends. The office building designed as a three-storey, cellar clearly separating functional blocks, of which occupies a central place hall with a staircase.

Directly accessible from the hall are the other functional blocks. The building of the proposed office of advertising agency is to be a distinctive signrecognizable at the urban space. The appearance of the facade has chosen the objects surroundings.

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