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Dental Clinic Design, Out Of Space Dental Clinic Design

The reception of a dental clinic can make you feel welcomed or frightened.

Or, it can make you feel like you have entered a spacecraft because nothing looks similar to what you normally see in the reception of a hotel, a library or a cinema. The design of the Enchevi Dental Clinic we want to present you today was realised by Bulgarian studio Bozhinovski that strove to incorporate form and functionality into a futuristic approach. As you can easily notice, there are no comfortable cushioned sofas or armchairs, nor warm lights or personal decorative items.

The atmosphere is cold, yet confident and professional, giving the patients a moment of respite before being seen by the dentist. The curvy white desk represents the focal point of the reception, being integrated into a circular graphic pattern that links both the floor and the ceiling. The mirror behind helps amplifying the space, while reflecting the logo of the dental clinic in front.

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