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Buehler Boats designed by Virgil Exner In early 1960's, Virgil Exner got more and more interested in boats.

So, he wanted to design his own series of cabin cruisers. It was something completely different, compared to designing cars, so Exner searched for some help, and found Bob Hobbs. Exner, and his son formed with Hobbs the Exner-Hobbs Associates, and started to design boats.

An article in the magazine "Popular Boating" helped to raise interest, and so they got in contact with Buehler Turbocraft. This 1962 design sketch was shown at the Exner-Event, in 2007, showing a Stutz-like prototype in front of a "Centurion"-titled boat-design. In 1962, several designs were suggested to Buehler, and were accepted for the 1966 production.

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