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Hi, been a while since I tossed an amateur "plan" up, but I have another.

On the Chesapeake, I've long admired the bay-built skiffs, deadrise work and buyboats. But the flat-bottom skiffs tend to porpoise and pound, and I might occasionally tow a skier or want to cruise sort of fast, while a 40' deadrise is a bit much for me. And I wanted to think up a solution different from the usual popped-out fiberglass skiffs.

So, I have been looking for shoal draft, chop handling, and ability to cruise comfortably on plane. Looked at many S+G designs, V, dory, Atkins designs, other seabright types, "frogbelly" hulls, boston whalers, sleds, etc. Then I started drawing and -surprise- same up with a 20ft skiff (is there a prize for the billionth design?).

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