Color Temperature And Its Role In Bathroom Lighting

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Bathroom Lighting, Color Temperature And Its Role In Bathroom Lighting Bathroom Lighting

Often times we take for granted the light in any given space.

If you were to take notice of the lighting in a restaurant and then the lighting in a bathroom, you would realize there is a significant difference. The lighting in each space serves a different function. Lighting in a restaurant creates a mood, while lighting in a bath illuminates the space for tasks such as washing hands, applying make-up or shaving.

The dimmed ambient lighting in the restaurant softens your appearance and that of your dining companion by providing a warm light, while the bathroom light is brighter and whiter. This difference is caused by color temperature, which indicates how yellow or blue a white light is. Color temperature is measured by Kelvins, the higher the Kelvin, the more blue the light will be.

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