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Dollhouse Kitchen Floors, Dollhouse Warming Party Dollhouse Kitchen Floors

It has been five months since I began work on my built-from-scratch 1955 Betsy McCall DIY Dollhouse — a project that has been labor of love and one that I didn’t realize would take me so long to ‘finish.

’ I say that the dollhouse is ‘finished,’ but in reality, it will probably always be a work in progress. With that  said, it’s time for the grand tour, which I know many readers have been awaiting. Let’s take a look, shall we?  Viewing tip: Click on any image and it should double in size, to up to 1,000 pixels wide, on your screen for viewing more detail.

  I can’t begin to estimate the total amount of hours that I’ve spent working on bringing this dollhouse to life. The hours were spread out over many weeks. Some days I worked on it all day and others for only an hour or less.

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