The Dollhouse Kitchen And Dining Room

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Dollhouse Kitchen Floors, The Dollhouse Kitchen And Dining Room Dollhouse Kitchen Floors

Each time I complete a room in the dollhouse, it becomes a new favorite.

The kitchen certainly isn’t an exception! I’ve changed details in this room many times, and am finally calling it finished and done. For a while, the vent hood was copper, the light fixture was different, the cuckoo clock was dark wood, and the window was without dressing. But all of those details have changed, and I think this is finally ready for its close-up.

For those of you following along on Snapchat (my name is mandimakes there), you’ll know that I handed off the dollhouse to Lucy on Christmas Eve morning. While I consider it to be finished, I’ll be changing and adding these here and there, just like in a real home.  I have more plans for the bedrooms, but instead of waiting for them to be done, I think I’ll share the dollhouse in its entirety next week, and then share changes as they happen.

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