Building A Tile Patterned Table Top

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Mosaic Tile Table Top Pattern, Building A Tile Patterned Table Top Mosaic Tile Table Top Pattern

This unique table top design came out of my desire to build a hardwood topped table using the hardwood from firewood.

I had a lot of large straight pieces of birch firewood, scrounged from my dad's wood pile. Being firewood, these were unfortunately only about 35 to 40 cm long each. I wanted to cut these into thin strips and cover the top of a table top that was otherwise made of inexpensive spruce lumber.

But rather than hide the joints where the pieces came together, I decided to make a brick pattern like design out of it. The 'mortar' parts would be comprised of darker mahogany trim. I could have done it without the trim, but then it would just look like an ordinary hardwood table top made of finger jointed wood, which would not look that special.

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