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Handicap Shower Chairs, Shower Wheelchair Handicap Shower Chairs

JAN Special!!  FREE Travel Bag w/ order over $750 “Purchase Now”  A portable shower wheelchair is one of the most valuable pieces of medical equipment you can have.

Our goal at GO! Mobility Solutions is to enable all mobility-impaired individuals to bathe and toilet conveniently, comfortably and safely at home or wherever they’d like to go, whenever they want to go. Don’t give up on visiting family and friends or traveling to that dream destination. Our shower commode chairs are lightweight and compact enough to take just about anywhere you’d want to go.

The GO-Anywhere Portable Shower Wheelchair was initially designed as a travel shower chair because the inventor could not find a decent one with which to travel. Over time, it didn’t make sense to own one shower chair for home and another just for travel, or a commode chair for use over a toilet and a separate shower wheelchair to use in the shower. So the GO-Anywhere Portable Shower Chairs evolved into every day-use shower wheelchairs that simply pack-up and roll-away whenever you’re ready to go.

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