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Outdoor Tv Cabinets With Doors, Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Outdoor Tv Cabinets With Doors

Polymer was originally developed for use in the marine industry and is designed to be 100% water resistant.

  However, not all polymer is the same.   A high-density polyethylene, our polymer board is a specially engineered chemistry of polymer that has undergone years of extensive research and development to perfect and eliminate any flaws. Through years of rigorous research and testing, the polymer board with UV inhibitors used for our outdoor cabinets has been perfected to have the proper expansion and contraction tolerances in order to completely withstand all outdoor elements including, sun, rain, saltwater and snow.

  Our polymer outdoor cabinets are durable enough to power wash and come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty! Perfect for the waterfront or any type of environment!  The perfect outdoor cabinet  for any outdoor kitchen project. Our polymer cabinet construction is far superior to any other cabinet on the market today!  Our outdoor cabinets are held together with hardware-free interlocking joints!  No hardware on our cabinet boxes! All 4 corners are held together within their own polymer interlocking joints! Our cabinet boxes, drawers and shelves are all 3/4 inch thick for the best durability. We have the BEST BUILT polymer cabinet on the market.

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