Best Led Surface Mount Ceiling Lights For Sales

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Overhead Lighting Distributor, Best Led Surface Mount Ceiling Lights For Sales Overhead Lighting Distributor

Long Comfortable Lighting Meeting Room LED Flat Panel Ceiling Light Description: 1.

Direct Lighting design, high light efficiency, uniform light output; 2. Convenient installation, erection, embedded, surface mounting , which can realize a variety of installation; 3. Better control of seam structure design and the overall use of aluminum alloy frame shows the whole light texture; 4.

Design of low power LED light source, no stroboscopic, light pleasant, short start-up time; 5. Constant current driver design, and high power factor, low harmonics, with short circuit protection function and light and color temperature dimmable function. 6  LED light junction temperature is low, in order the long life and low maintenance cost.

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