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Emerging from the 14th century and evolving into what we today name "chandeliers" were always a status symbol.

GrandoLuce chandeliers are carefully designed not only as a main light source but also as a unique luxurious decorative indoor element.  Handmade glass, crystal, gold leaf or silver leaf, chrome finish, crystal trimmings, all combined with harmony to create elegance and beauty. Is GrandoLuce a chandelier manufacturer or a reseller? GrandoLuce is a manufacturer of lighting texture born from the idea of professionals who have years of specialization in applied craftsmanship techniques, suitable for modeling materials such as crystal, glass, metal and fabric.

Where are GrandoLuce products manufactured? The company is headquartered in Trikala, Thessaly, where the exclusive manufacturing of GrandoLuce products is made. Is there any guarantee for GrandoLuce products? GrandoLuce provides a two year guarantee in all the product parts. Are there color options in product parts? GrandoLuce provides a color range of black, white and ivory in crystal parts.

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