10 Crazy Cool Beach Houses Around The World

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Cool Houses, 10 Crazy Cool Beach Houses Around The World Cool Houses

Some are cool, some are just crazy, but these 10 beach houses are an instant escape to luxury, adventure and an endless summer.

Floating Pole House – Fairhaven Beach, Australia viewretreats. com This has to be one of the coolest homes in the world. The Floating Pole House is perched 132 feet above a stunning beach in South Australia.

It reopened last year after a five-year renovation project and it  now has floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and the walkway to the home is like walking on air. It’s amazing, and yes, it’s a vacation rental! The Shell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico Flickr / Steve Brokaw This beauty of a home is on a small island just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Visitors get to stay in a sea shell, bathe under a shell fountain, and swim in a pool surrounded by coconut trees.

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