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Country Home Design Ideas, TLC Home "Country Decorating Ideas" Country Home Design Ideas

It's in tune with nature, but unlike the country style of decades back, "nature" doesn't mean dried strawflowers and mauve ducks or bunnies.

Decorating & DesignHow Stained Glass Works How Frank Lloyd Wright Works Home Design QuizInstead, it's likely to mean a few dramatic sunflowers or a bountiful bouquet of old-fashioned roses, and a hand-carved frog or heron, infused with the artisan's personality. Country furnishings vary, but they have this in common: They're never around just to impress the neighbors or fill up space. Fresh country style means fewer things to dust and dry-clean, fuss with or have fall over, but they're better pieces, carefully chosen to meet our needs, both physical and emotional.

Originally, country homes were furnished with whatever was practical and at hand. If you're looking at a bureau from your grandmother's house, a table from your parents' first apartment, and a pair of flea market side chairs you bought years ago, you will realize things haven't changed all that much. If a piece still works, there's a tendency to hang onto it.

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