Minimalist Apartment In Moscow Exuding Elegance Throughout

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Minimalist Apartment, Minimalist Apartment In Moscow Exuding Elegance Throughout Minimalist Apartment

Welcome to an apartment where minimalist furniture arrangements are charmingly “contrasted” by welcoming materials and decorations.

This small studio located on the 24th floor of a newly built residential building in Moscow was especially developed by Peter Zaytsev (of Za Bor Architects) for his family. The idea was to create a simple and elegant crib, reflecting the inhabitants’ lifestyle. According to the architects, what’s interesting is that “while the budget was not too high, architect still had to create some custom furniture.

For instance, in the project there had to be a contrast black bar counter in the kitchen, but after a market research, it was obvious that it is more convenient to order a custom-built one“. Two animal silhouettes above the bed, made with black cord in the shape of a hare and a giraffe symbolize the house owners. Most of the storage spaces are cleverly hidden, the overall atmosphere exuding minimalism and class.

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