Ideas For Decorating Studio Apartments

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Small Apartment Decorating Ideas, Ideas For Decorating Studio Apartments Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for ideas and tips for decorating studio apartments? Believe it or not, you can transform any size space into a stylish flat.

Even if you are limited by rental rules, there are many creative ways to decorate a studio apartment without breaking the rules or spending a fortune. These pictures will show you ways to maximize space and efficiency without compromising on style. Enjoy! Image from HGTV The trick to small apartment decorating is versatility and functionality.

Select furniture that can serve double-duty. In the photo above, a brightly painted file cabinet combines tons of storage with a nice sideboard to display favorite objects. Image from HGTV When decorating a studio apartment, think of ways to divide your space to create "zones" for various activities.

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