Striped Nursery Decorating Ideas For The Walls Of A Baby Boy's Nursery Room

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Paint Stripes On Walls, Striped Nursery Decorating Ideas For The Walls Of A Baby Boy's Nursery Room Paint Stripes On Walls

On this page you will find many nursery decorating ideas featuring wall stripes for baby girls and boys as well as some examples of rooms painted and decorated in neutral colors that would be suitable for either.

A nursery for a baby boy may feature wall stripes that have been painted in various shades of chocolate brown, tan and cornflower blue. The decorator of the room in this photo said that her goal was to achieve a nursery that was contemporary with a modern feel. She had dreamed of the day when she could put her ideas to work in her baby boy's nursery.

CHOCOLATE BROWN and BLUE NURSERY BEDDINGCelestial bedroom themes have always intriqued me, but most are in a pale shade of baby blue with bright yellow stars which wouldn't work with my nursery decorating ideas in blue and brown. When I found the moon and stars nursery bedding set online with the patchwork crib quilt in what I considered to be the very best baby boy color scheme in the world, I was delighted! This baby bedding set would fit with my ideas of what was the perfect nursery decor for a boy. DAY #1As soon as the crib set came in the mail, I began brainstorming nursery decorating ideas for the walls and by the end of the day, the perimeter of the nursery was taped and I had painted all of the cornflower blue wall stripes.

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