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Paint Stripes On Walls, Lansdowne Life: Stairway Progress: Painted Wall Stripes Paint Stripes On Walls

There are probably a million tutorials on how to paint stripes out there, none of which I directly followed.

After painting my main wall color, I drew pencil lines on the wall using a laser level and then applied my tape to the pencil lines. Before painting the stripes, I pressed down the edges of the tape with a plastic ruler to make sure they were completely adhered. I also put a little dab of tape in each of the white lines that weren't going to be painted.

I painted the edges of the tape very lightly, almost dry-brushed them, with the base color. You can see in the photo above, I only painted the edges that face inward toward where my brown stripe would be painted. The stripes on the left are after one coat and the stripes on the right are after two coats.

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