Duplex Alicante White Open And Airy Apartment Design

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Airy Apartment Design, Duplex Alicante White Open And Airy Apartment Design Airy Apartment Design

This duplex Alicante is the result of good work of its owners, who joined two old floors to create an open house, full of light.

The history of this house could be a novel chapters. One of the owners had a residence in the center of Alicante, in a flat located in an Art Deco building of the twenties. When she met her current partner agreed to put the house up for sale, and then they decided to acquire and merge the two houses.

The result is magnificent: a light and airy duplex with a very modern interior. The houses had a classic layout, too compartmentalized, the owners decided to modernize and adapt to the lifestyle of a couple. Spacious and airy wanted to facilitate mobility, especially considering that the houses had a rectangular floor that was somewhat close.

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