Things That Inspire: The Tv Dilemma: Tv Over Fireplace?

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Fireplace Designs With Tv Above, Things That Inspire: The Tv Dilemma: Tv Over Fireplace? Fireplace Designs With Tv Above

In the family room of the house we are designing, there is going to be a wall with a fireplace, no mantle, but rather a streamlined fireplace surround.

When the owners have a party, they often put on a 'fireplace' program on the TV; so clear is the picture that many a guest has been surprised to learn that it is a TV in the space, not a fireplace. These are all good alternatives to the TV above the fireplace, but what if you want a working fireplace and a TV too? It is often tricky to place a TV in a room with a fireplace, given that the fireplace is usually the focus of the room, and takes up one of the prime walls. The image pictured above was one of the few images in my inspiration files that dared to show the TV - and here it is, placed above the fireplace.

Although some real estate photos are as staged as any magazine photo, it is a bit easier to spot TVs in the MLS listings; in houses that were built in the last few years, TVs are becoming more and more common above the fireplace. Brooklyn Limestone has perhaps the most elegant solution for a TV above the fireplace - the TV screen is treated as art, and is framed accordingly. I am not loving the speakers mounted around the TV, but the TV itself looks almost like a piece of art, and the size and color seem to match the opening of the fireplace.

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