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With practiced deft, reinvention, and a harmonized design approach, designer John Reeves manages to disentangle the Omar Console Table from the ordinary.

The Omar Console Table is yet another illustration of how creativity influences the arena of furniture without taking away its primordial properties. It's actually quite commendable that Reeves has managed to resurrect the hackneyed table by smoothly prodding the rich and exotic legacy of the Arabic heritage while staying true to modern design elements. When Mark Twain famously said East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, he certainly wasn't familiar with the realm of design.

The Omar Console Table like the Charpoy or My Beautiful Backside adheres to the design trend where creativity transcends cultural and geographical barriers and boundaries only exist on paper. Hence it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the British designer admits on his website that the Omar Collection pays homage to Middle Eastern culture and is also inspired by the classic Candelabra school of design. Cultural hybridization at its best, don't you agree?I think the designer explains his process beautifully: Reminiscent of an Arabic style, a tribute to the passion and creativity of Middle Eastern culture, while using materials and processes which are Western in technique, production and finish.

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