Church And Ceremony Pew Decorations

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Purple Wedding Decorations, Church And Ceremony Pew Decorations Purple Wedding Decorations

Decorating pews for the ceremony can be difficult.

A lot of churches, especially Catholic churches in my experience, do not allow tape on their pews of any kind, so trying to attach some sort of decoration on pews usually ends up with a wrestling match between you and some rubber bands. If you werent sure, when there is draping along the aisles, its usually every other pew or every other two pews, after skipping the first two (which will usually be reserved for family and have the most traffic, like, for witnesses who need to get up and sit back down). 12 tips to save money on your wedding decorationsJune wedding at La Venta InnPew decorations that will make your jaw dropI m interested in church pew decorations in pink, white and silver.

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