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small bushHello I have a small flower bed in front of the house size 3' by 5' and I would like to plant a small bush or tree in one corner of it and then plant different sized of zinnia's and some kind of small flower in front I like to… MoreSmall mystery treethis is a photo of a small tree taken near lake victoria in uganda.

Oh, I am no stranger to gardening, I just used to be a really good serial plant killer. I tried to maximize the space by making trellises from small trees in the backyard. Thanks Moresmall green catapillarsOk i have one rose that is getting eaten up by small green catapillars, I pulled 3 a couple weeks ago and another 2 this week, they are about 1/2 3/4 long and light green "hard to find on the plant" an ideas of what these might be??MoreSmall purple flowerHey guys, does anyone know what kind of flower this is?I tied up (like you do with a broken arm or leg) with string and used (sorry) duct tape around it hoping that the two broken parts will "glue" themselves.

… MoreSmall mystery blue flowerHello, can anyone help me to idetify this small blue plant?" Join in!. . .

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